Jump Desktop for Mac 8.10.8

8.10.8 Fixes visual glitches when running on macOS Sonoma.

Here's what was new in 8.10.7:

This is a minor update for Jump Desktop for Mac. It addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed: RDP printing issues in Sonoma when connecting to legacy Windows machines.
  • New feature: Added support for Passwordless logins for Jump Desktop for Teams (requires Connect 6.10.23 or later). Note: This feature is always disabled by default and can only be enabled by Team administrators via Connect Settings.
  • Fixed: The domain name was not saved correctly.
  • Fixed: Implemented a workaround for hangs when connecting using certain VPNs.

To update to the beta, open Jump Desktop, go to Settings, and ensure 'Beta updates' is checked. Then, click on Help -> Check for Updates. Please note: This process only works if you have downloaded Jump Desktop from our website.