New Multi-Monitor Experience for Fluid

We've completely re-written how multi-monitor works when connecting via Fluid. This is game changing for users with multiple monitors. No seriously...

Jump Desktop now supports opening up your remote displays in separate windows simultaneously. This makes it possible for you to arrange the remote computer's displays anyway you want. For example - if you have 3 monitors on your local machine and 2 on the remote machine, you can now use 2 monitors to view the remote machine and the other monitor for your emails, Slack, Zoom etc.

Together with the new restore windows feature and Fluid's automatic display resolution matching this makes an amazing multi-monitor experience.

To start using the new multi-monitor experience for fluid:

  1. Open up Jump Desktop for Mac. 
  2. Connect to your machine and then click View -> Displays In Separate Windows.

You'll then see windows for each remote display. Arrange the windows however you like - go full-screen move it side by side, or even close a window if you don't want to see that monitor - it's up to you. The next time you connect to the same machine Jump will remember your windows positions and arrange it automatically.