Fluid 2.0 Beta

Introducing Fluid 2.0!

We are excited to announce the release of Fluid 2.0 Beta. This update represents a significant leap forward from Fluid 1.0 with a major rewrite of the internal architecture.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fluid 2.0
  • Networking Enhancements
  • Surround Sound
  • Dynamic Audio Input Switching
  • Web-Base High Performance Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing
  • How to start testing Fluid 2.0 Beta 

Fluid 2.0

Experience improved performance with Fluid 2.0, designed to support more colors and deliver faster speeds on modern hardware such as Apple Silicon and contemporary PCs.

  1. Superior Color Fidelity: Fluid 2.0 offers up to 50% better color fidelity than Fluid 1.0. This means richer and more vibrant visuals, making your remote sessions look better than ever.
  2. Enhanced Visual Clarity: You'll enjoy sharper, clearer images and videos without any increase in data usage. Fluid 2.0 provides up to 50% more visual clarity using the same bandwidth as Fluid 1.0. 
  3. Advanced Compression: Optimized for both productivity applications and full-motion video, Fluid 2.0 delivers smoother and more detailed visuals. This ensures a better experience whether you're working on documents or streaming videos.
  4. Support for Newer Codecs: Fluid 2.0 supports newer codecs with the ability to move to full hardware-based encoding and decoding. We will announce new features for this soon.
  5. Backwards Compatibility: The clients and Connect apps are fully backwards compatible with older versions of the client or Jump Desktop Connect, ensuring a seamless upgrade without any worries.

Fluid 2.0 is enabled by default when connecting to Jump Desktop Connect 7.x or later. However, you can switch back to Fluid 1.0 via the menu option (Remote -> Codec).

Networking Enhancements

Our revamped networking stack makes Jump more resilient to networking errors. It adapts to and recovers much quicker from bandwidth problems, and scales up faster to higher bandwidth connections.

Surround Sound

Teams Enterprise customers can now enjoy built-in support for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. The new Mac audio driver can handle up to 8 channels of audio. On Windows, it will automatically stream up to 8 channels if the host machine is set to use 8 channels. Clients will intelligently down-mix or up-mix as needed, making it perfect for tasks like video editing, gaming, and immersive audio experiences. A new Fluid performance stat called AudioChannels shows the maximum number of channels being streamed from the remote machine.

Dynamic Desktop Audio Input Switching

Switch desktop audio inputs at run-time. This allows you to change your audio setup without interrupting your session, providing flexibility and convenience.

Web-Based High-Performance Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing

1. Fluid 2.0 now supports connecting to machines directly from any web browser! You don't need to download a native client anymore. Experience zero friction, high performance remote desktop and screen sharing straight from your web browser. Simply log into your account at https://app.jumpdesktop.com, click My Computers and then click the computer to connect. Any computers running Jump Desktop Connect 7.0, and computers that you have access to will be listed there. Simply click to connect!

2. When Jump Desktop Connect 7.x is installed on the host machine, screen sharing links, users will see an option to connect via a native app or directly from their web browser:

3. Teams users will see Connect buttons with drop-downs where they can select the native app or web browser experience.

Tips: For best performance use Chrome or Edge. Don't worry, we will be optimizing for Safari and Firefox performance as we progress in the beta.


These new features require Jump Desktop Connect 7.0 and new versions of Jump Desktop for Windows, iOS and Mac. At the moment these releases need to be downloaded manually. Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling this out to the beta channel. 

Jump Desktop Connect on the host machine:

Jump Desktop on your local computer:

Jump Desktop Connect 6.10.23

This release addresses the following issues:

- Fixed: Users cannot log in if their local account requires a password reset.
- Fixed: On Windows, there are now virtual monitor fixes for headless machines with NVIDIA graphics cards.
- Fixed: On Mac, Adobe Premiere timeline movements are now smooth.
- New: Introduced a new Password-less Login feature for Jump Desktop for Teams users. This feature is always disabled by default on all existing and new installations. To enable this feature, open up Connect Settings and edit the Password-less login feature.
- New: Added support for disabling Privacy Mode and Audio Streaming via Connect Settings.
- Stability improvements.

Jump Desktop for Teams: Group Billing

Group billing streamlines finances by enabling different teams in an organization to use one billing account. It consolidates all expenses into a single invoice, removes duplicate charges for users in multiple teams, and eliminates the need for separate team billing, making the process simpler and more cost-effective.

Learn more here

Jump Desktop for Teams Dashboard and Management Updates

Exciting updates have arrived for the Jump Desktop for Teams dashboard, enhancing your administrative and team management experience!

Dive into each feature by following the links provided.

Seamless Team Onboarding with SSO: No Invites Necessary!

You can now seamlessly integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) users directly into your team, bypassing the need for invitation emails. Ensure your team is connected to an SSO and that your users have valid SSO accounts with Jump Desktop to get started. Navigate to Team -> Tasks -> Add User to find and add your SSO users to the team effortlessly. This feature shines when used in conjunction with Domain Verification and SCIM v2 support, streamlining both new and existing user management.

Dive deeper into utilizing SSO, Domain Verification, and SCIM support for an optimal experience for team admins and users alike.

Smoother user onboarding with Domain Verification

By adding and verifying your organization's domains within Jump Desktop for Teams, you can simplify the process of onboarding new users and enhance the security of user sign-ins. Verified domains ensure a seamless and secure user experience by offering the ability to skip verification emails for new users, SCIM integration and automatic redirection to SSO.

Learn more about the benefits of domain verification and setup.

User Management with SCIM v2

Managing user identities and access can be a challenging task, especially as your organization grows. To simplify this process, Jump Desktop for Teams now supports SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) integration. This feature enables seamless synchronisation of user data between your Single Sign-On (SSO) provider and Jump Desktop. Current SCIM support is available for Okta and Microsoft Azure AD. 

Learn more about SCIM v2 support.

Jump Desktop for Teams Dashboard Updates: Features Geared for Administrators

We've made several updates to the Jump Desktop for Teams dashboard:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Obtain information about every computer and user at a glance. With customizable columns for Users and Computers, retrieve the specifics you need without navigating deeper. The dashboard retains your preferred settings, ensuring consistent visibility tailored to your needs.
  • Advanced Grouping and Filtering: Tailor each column using filters or groupings. This enables you to view your data precisely as you want. 
  • Data Export: After configuring your desired views, export your data in formats such as CSV, JSON, Excel, or PDF. This feature is particularly beneficial for generating reports.
  • Inline Details for Computers and Users: Clicking on a user or computer in the list immediately presents an inline view of their detailed profile. This helps maintain your position within the list, negating the need for constant back-and-forth navigation. Those with expansive monitor space can place this inline view anywhere on the screen.
  • Bulk Actions: Efficiently manage multiple devices or users in one go, reducing repetitive tasks.
  • Activity and Connection Logs Export: While there's an API available for retrieving this data, we understand the need for manual exports at times. Hence, we've integrated export buttons directly into the activity and connection logs for your convenience.

With these improvements, you can now effortlessly manage your data, making your workflow more efficient and insightful than ever before. 

Watermarking in Jump Desktop for Teams

Jump Desktop for Team includes an easy-to-use watermarking feature that enhances the security and compliance of your remote desktop sessions. This feature allows administrators to embed watermarks directly into the remote desktop window. These watermarks can display connection-specific information such as IP address, email, or user name. Learn more here.

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